I think of writing as the unfolding of an idea that comes to me bare and unbidden to become a story or a poem. My novel, Evidence of Grace, came to me first as a sound and then a phrase that popped into my mind. It started as a short story but grew into a novel.

For years in the corporate world, I wrote correspondence, reports, and proposals, but in June of 2008 I was drawn to join a local poetry workshop, even though I felt shy and inadequate. Now I’ve written dozens of poems, had some published, and even participated in several readings. I am not the same person.

Poetry feeds me.

Many ideas develop into short stories, both flash fiction and longer works. For several years I cowrote a monthly horticulture article for the local extension publication, Garden Patch Dispatch, which let me combine my love of gardening with my love of writing.

My short story, “The Kiss,” won first place in MUSE’s 2011 short story competition.

I continue to grow my writing skills by attending conferences and workshops and taking online classes, but interaction
with other writers through monthly meetings with fiction writers and also the “Poetry Girls” gives me good feedback and criticism. Knowledge gained from these other writers keeps me both learning and writing.

I am grateful to live in a beautiful, natural setting that inspires me every day.