Self, get thee to a seaside villa porch

where colors beat upon your sight like waves.

Wet sand to bury deep the heartbreak torch,

while space sets free snared pain from mental caves.

Take time to gaze on sea and sand the same

gray spectrum dank as all your moods have been.

Then feel the stinging salt your wounds inflame

until they can be covered once again.

The cat tail reeds lie flattened by the wind

and droplet memories evaporate.

But understanding well how much I’ve sinned,

these eyes seek out the vague horizon’s gate.

I feel you pulse beyond the flat line’s end

and calmer now, I let you go again.

Note: cic.a.trize (v.) – to heal and form a scar, or cause to heal and form a scar (SIKe-triz)

© Candace Armstrong

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